The Wild Minnow Crew

Introducing James, our dynamic fishing ambassador from Calgary, Alberta! At just 14, he brings an infectious passion for the outdoors and a love for flyfishing for any species that swims. James's vibrant energy on the water is as contagious as his enthusiasm for the sport. Follow his journey as he casts his way through the scenic waters, embodying the spirit of our fishing community!


Introducing  Zack McKenzie!   Hailing from northern Alberta, Zack’s love for angling knows no bounds. His journeys through Alberta and BC amplify his fishing addiction, exploring lakes, rivers, and streams along the way.
Bull trout hold a special place in his heart, and he thrives on the thrill of targeting them.

Introducing Kayden , From casting his first line as a tot to mastering the art of angling, fishing runs deep in Kayden’s veins. His passion knows no bounds, whether he’s pursuing bull or tiger trout, Kayden’s love for the sport is unmatched. Equally adept with fly and spin gear, he seamlessly bridges the gap between the two. Join us in welcoming Kayden to the family, as he sets his sights on turning his fishing obsession into a lifelong career!

Meet Casen Scott,
Casen’s love for backcountry fishing spans from the rugged rivers of northern BC to the eastern slopes of the Albertan Rockies.
At just 18 years old, his dedication to exploring freshwater species fuels his drive for fishing adventures.